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Two Videos Share How to Invite and Welcome

12 Apr

Easter offers an opportunity to rejoice in the resurrection of our Lord and our worship on that day is the pinnacle of the church year. Easter is also the day when many people without a church home will look for a place to worship. To assist congregations in making the most of this opening to invite and welcome visitors, I created two one-minute videos which give easy to follow advice on how to invite someone to church and how to welcome people once they arrive.

I based the videos on research from the Christian resource provider Lifeway. Their research shows that the single best way to increase visitors is through personal invitation by a trusted friend. That is the main way people find a church. With Easter fast upon us, there is no time like the present to invite a friend to join you. It is easy with a crowd at Easter to forget the welcome you might typically give. Lifeway’s research shows the three minutes before and the three minutes after church matter most to visitors. In the minutes before worship, they need to be welcomed by greeters. In the minutes after church, they will find your church unfriendly if no one but the minister greets them. The second video shows how a simple, “Hi, I don’t believe we’ve met,” can matter a lot to a newcomer.

Share these videos as a way of teaching invitation and welcome as we look toward a joyous Easter celebration.

peace, Frank
The Rev. Canon Frank Logue, Canon to the Ordinary

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A FREE Easter Invitation Cartoon

25 Mar

I am glad to have teamed up with others in the Acts 8 Movement to create a video Episcopal churches may use for free to advertise their Easter liturgies. Following the success of my Lenten cartoon, this year’s Easter invitation is made in the same style. You may download the video below to post to your own Facebook page, or just link to one of the YouTube videos found here, or to the Facebook videos posted on the Acts 8 Movement Facebook page.

The English language video file

The Spanish language video file

Animated GIF files for those who want to experiment
This past Christmas, The Diocese of Central New York used the Acts 8 video to invite their neighbors to worship in the churches of the Diocese. You can read about their test and what they learned: How we invited 5,000 Central New Yorkers to Join Us for Christmas. In response to their idea to use a catchy graphic in a side by side test, we are offering a short, animated GIF file, which Facebook permits in its advertising. DO NOT upload the GIF file to Facebook as the image will default to a still frame. Instead, place the file online and point to that file when creating the Facebook ad. This option only works for those advertising on Facebook. Click here for more information: How to Post an Animated GIF on Facebook

The English language animated GIF file

The Spanish language animated GIF file

Another Video Option in Nine Different Languages
Acts 8 still offers the 2016 Easter video which I made. That video includes the voice of the Presiding Bishop Michael Curry in the opening line and is available in nine of the languages in which our church worships: Your FREE Easter Invitation Video.


The Rev. Canon Frank Logue

A Note About Permissions
I created the animations using the website Animaker in keeping with their business license agreement so that there is no cost to any church. Earnest Graham drew the SuperHero Jesus character especially for this video. Adam Trambley wrote the script with his daughter, Julia, providing the English language voiceover. Sandra Montes recorded the Spanish language voiceover using her brother, Alex Montes-Vela’s Spanish language translation of the text. All of this is our gift to you.

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A Free Christmas Invitation Video

04 Dec

I worked with the Acts 8 Movement to once again create a free video for Episcopal Churches to use on social media or their websites. The English language version is above, the Spanish language video is below. Videos in other languages in which the Episcopal Church worships are in the works. You can find out more and download a copy for your congregation’s use here:

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Lead – Grow – Share Videos

12 Nov

I created these three videos to highlight some of the initiatives started in the Diocese of Georgia in recent years. Some great ministries helping us to lead, grow, and share the Gospel.

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Your Church’s Free Welcome Video for Fall

10 Jul

I worked with others in the Acts 8 Movement to create a 1-minute video any Episcopal Church may use for free to encourage their neighbors to visit this fall. To make the most of the opportunity, we also encourage you to review the Hospitality Checklist offered by Invite-Welcome-Connect to get ready for those newcomers.

Find out more and download the video in English and Spanish here: Your Church’s Free Welcome Video for Fall.

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Create a Custom Ash Wednesday Invitation Video

27 Jan

Anyone with some facility with computer programs can make a customized video for your congregation to invite folks in your community to worship on Ash Wednesday. I partnered with friends around the church to create videos in English and Spanish for Ash Wednesday. Here is the English language version:

To download a high resolution copy of the video, go to and follow the directions. You will also find linked at that page information on how to add your congregation’s name and service times, as well as how a low-cost ad on Facebook can get more attention for your congregation, including directions at Nurya Love Parish’s ChurchWork blog.

Many congregations across our church customized a video we offered at Christmas and found that ads of $20-$50 targeting either users in your area or friends of those who like your congregation’s Facebook page seemed to prove successful. While we can’t prove that the higher attendance at those churches was caused by the ads, we can show many churches with increased attendance at Christmas following creating an ad. An Easter ad is in the works and will be offered in about a month.

Special thanks goes to the Revs. Sierra Wilkinson Reyes, William Willoughby, Charles Todd, and Deacon Sue Gahagan who imposed ashes and to the 19 people who I filmed at St. Matthew’s and St. Paul the Apostle churches in Savannah for this project.

Peace, Frank
Frank Logue, Canon to the Ordinary

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Create a Christmas video for your congregation

20 Dec

I worked with colleagues at the Acts 8 Movement to offer the Episcopal Church a customizable video for congregations to promote their Christmas Eve and Christmas Day worship. The video above is our gift to you. You may post it as is, or with some basic video editing skills, you can download a high resolution video for your use.

Those files are online for you to use, and are linked below. Simply Right Click the links to save the files.

MP4 file with extended section for adding text:

MP4 file with extended section for adding voice over and text:

WMV file with an extended section for adding text:

WMV file with an extended section for adding voice over and text:

My friend, Nurya Love Parish, offers a helpful tutorial on how to personalize the video and use the finished product to create a Facebook Ad at her blog here: How to Invite 1000 People to your church for Christmas — in 20 minutes for $20


A Note About Permissions
I created this video mostly from video clips purchased from with background audio purchased from and this use is royalty free within those agreements. We selected art work in the public domain. The video of Episcopalians singing is from the Diocese of Georgia’s float in the MLK Parade in Savannah. Persons on the float were notified they were filmed for video use. The father and son prominent in the video are an Episcopal priest and his son and they have seen and approve of this usage. The voices in this ad are persons from the Acts 8 Movement and permission is given hereby to use this video in promoting your congregation’s Christmas services. You may add your church name and service times without concern for copyright infringement or incurring any fees for this usage.

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Bishop Benhase on Evangelism

31 Oct

I created this video with Bishop Benhase talking about how we can share our faith with those closest to us.

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Dona Nobis Pacem

25 Sep

Mark Miller asked if I might enjoy creating a video for music he wrote for Dona Nobis Pacem sung by the Tennessee Chamber Chorus. Here is our resulting collaboration. Last year, we worked together on this video, a lament for Advent, How Long?

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Honey Creek

02 Apr

The Rev. Kevin Kelly shares why Honey Creek matters to him.

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Advent 2014 Video – How Long

06 Dec

A song for Advent 2014 by Mark Andrew Miller. His music, lyrics and singing matched with a video I created for this Advent season.

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A Christmas Hallelujah

04 Dec

Cloverton Presents A Christmas Hallelujah from Frank Logue on Vimeo.

I contacted the band after hearing this song and cut the video above which blends a concert video of the song with images of Christmas from art and movies. Cloverton Music’s a Hallelujah Christmas based on the original Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.

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Convention Videos

08 Nov

These are the six video reports I created for the 193rd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia. Three report on progress made in areas of the Campaign for Congregational Development with the others showing three ongoing ministries in the Diocese.

Episcopal Development Agency of Thomasville:

Congregational Development in Rincon and Cordele

Honey Creek Summer Camp

Rebecca’s Café in Statesboro

The St. Athanasius’ Food Pantry in Brunswick

Good Samaritan House Free Medical Clinic in Dearing


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Remixing the Church

04 Oct

I created this 1-minute film following the Task Force for Reimagining the Church’s churchwide meeting held on October 2 at Washington National Cathedral. It is something of a highlight reel for the 2.5-hour meeting. And it has a beat you can dance to as well. You can watch the actual meeting at the TREC website:

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Jesus Said Love

04 Oct

A slightly updated version of a 30-second video I created earlier. This short commercial emphasizes the command to love one another as the heart of Christian teaching.

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Fall Gathering – Factionless

21 Sep

During the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia Youth Program’s Divergent-themed weekend, participants learned about the factions within the trilogy of novels and also the plight of those with no faction, who are the homeless of that world. During the weekend, we made signs to hold up as if God is the one passing by. What do we want to say to God?

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I Am Belize

12 Feb

I made these two videos working with Standard V (7th grade) students at St. Mary’s Anglican School in Belize City, Belize, while working on a documentary on a short-term dental mission trip with Project Smile:

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Diocesan Convention Videos

16 Nov

The following are videos I created for the special session of the 192nd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia:

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Why be an Episcopal nun?

12 Jul

A short video I created with the sisters of the Order of Saint Helena in August, Georgia, in which they reflect candidly about life as nuns within The Episcopal Church.

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Convention Videos

10 Feb

I created these 12 videos for the 192nd Convention of the Diocese of Georgia:

Just for Fun

Jay Lacy had the idea of creating some videos just for fun as a break during the convention. We collaborated on the following four videos with her ideas and casting and my video, sound and editing work:

Join the Adventure. Be an Acolyte!

A humorous short film featuring the acolytes of our host parish, St. Anne’s Tifton, in a video of an acolyte dreaming during the church service.

What I Love About St. Anne’s (Dubbed Edition)

A parody video with members of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Tifton, Georgia, telling what they love about their church only to have their answers dubbed over by the assistant rector.

Silence Your Cell Phone in Church

A Public Service Announcement from the Diocese of Georgia about the need to silence one’s cell phone in church.

Code Green Alert

This Code Green Event video shared with delegates the efforts to reduce the waste produced by the convention through recycling and composting.

Misson Videos

Heaping Hands at St. Michael’s, Waynesboro

The Heaping Hands Ministry of St. Michael’s, Waynesboro

Neighbors in Need with St. Paul’s, Albany

Members of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Albany, Georgia, assist with the local Neighbors in Need Program run by a Roman Catholic Church. St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in Albany also assists on another week of the month.

The Food Pantry at St. Andrew’s and St. Cyprian’s, Darien

The Food Pantry at St. Andrew’s, Darien

Video Reports on Programs

Peer Coaching

A short video on the peer coaching program in the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia.

Columba House

A video on the new relational evangelism community being created in mid-town Savannah in the fall of 2013.

Cursillo in the Diocese of Georgia

A video report to Convention from the Cursillo Commission of the Diocese of Georgia on the rebirth of Cursillo.

The Legacy Society

A video on the Legacy Society of the Diocese of Georgia which encourages and facilitates planned giving to churches or diocesan institutions.

New Beginnings and Happening

A video on two foundational youth programs in the Diocese of Georgia — New Beginnings and Happening — which are retreat weekends for Middle and High School students.

Episcopal Youth and Children Services

The Episcopal Youth and Children Services (EYCS) video report to the 192nd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia. The group has given more than a million dollars in scholarships to the children of the Diocese to assist with summer camp, college and some medical bills.

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A Christmas Meditation

21 Dec

I created an official Christmas Meditation for a large body within the Church and then created the decidedly unauthorized video version above. The text is the same, but no one involved in asking me to write the official meditation is connected to the video, or approves of its visual or music content or its being posted. This is my work alone.

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St. Paul’s Christmas Party for Malone Towers

17 Dec

The congregation of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Albany, Georgia, hosts its annual Christmas Party for the residents of Hudson Malone Towers, a public housing apartment building across the street from the church. St. Paul’s has held this party for more than a decade. This party was December 14, 2012 and is in the parish hall of the church.

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Falling in Love – A Short Film

23 Nov

How can one harness the power of bordedom? Try making a short film with family for crew instead of shopping on Black Friday. Look how much money we saved by creating a stop motion video instead of buying things.

It’s a story of loss and love and what follows. After a downfall, in what could have been a time of grief, a hero arises to pull a group together and all see how meaning and purpose and, yes, even love can follow tragedy. And then we see what happens next. All in 35 seconds.

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Worship in the Water

20 Aug

This 2-minute video gives a glimpse into a Worship on the Water service. These summertime worship services are held on the Dock of Georgia Veteran’s State Park on Lake Blackshear as a ministry of Christ Church Cordele.

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The Problems and Promise of General Convention

17 Jul

I have run the gauntlet of my fourth General Convention of The Episcopal Church. For ten grueling days, many working 14 and even 16 hours, I served alongside more than 840 deputies from 111 dioceses. We considered 416 resolutions, amending and approving of a dizzying array of resolutions. It is difficult to convey the size and scope of the General Convention. Each deputy or even deputation can do little to make their mark on the work of the convention.

As we tried to demonstrate in the Deputation’s Journal, the real work of the General Convention takes place in two dozen committees that hold hearings on resolutions and have the time to work on crafting the text before it reaches the floor of the house of initial action, whether this is the House of Deputies or the House of Bishops. One can watch as thoughtful testimony in hearings does influence the final text of the resolutions. But with hearings going on concerning more than 400 resolutions, one must pick her or his battles and track some resolutions, while having no input on hundreds of others.

For better or worse, your Georgia Deputies worked to track the budget process, follow the work on restructuring the church; the resolution to add Deaconess Alexander to our calendar through Holy Women, Holy Men; and the two resolutions related to communion without Baptism. Also, as Bill Steinhauser of our deputation was on the subcommittee working on the proposed trial rite for blessing Same Sex Relationships, we also were involved in committee work on that resolution.

Despite the intentions of deputies to not pass meaningless resolutions (such as affirming that The Episcopal Church is opposed to sex trafficking) or resolutions that call on someone else to do something (such as the US congress to take action), with resolution after resolution going by on voice votes supported by a super majority of Deputies, calling out opposition gives one the good feeling of taking a personal stand, but does not slow the action of the body.

In a thought experiment, which is not a proposal, but a way of considering proposals, I wonder what the General Convention would have been like if we had agreed in advance to pass no more than 5 resolutions total, other than housekeeping work on the canons or courtesy resolutions of thanks (such as to the host Diocese which did so much work). Much more thought would have gone into what was the most worthy. We could have focused on changing ourselves, rather than saying what many could assume to be true (I hope no one thinks any Christian church is in favor of sex trafficking) or calling on others to change.

As a deputy, I was one among 841. And your deputation, even when united, was only one among 110. Most everything passed with a three quarters majority or more. Until The Episcopal Church as a whole decides to change how it goes about governing itself, there will be little any deputy or diocese can do. For this reason, I am optimistic about and committed to work to help reflecting the change we want to see in the church even as we advocate for change within the church to more emphasis on mission and much less on administration and governance. The video below is one I created to point toward this hope.

The Rev. Frank Logue
Canon to the Ordinary

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